If You Are NRI Selling Property In India

Normally TDS rate on sale proceeds of property is 1 % if you are resident in India, whereas if you are NRI in India the highest TDS as calculated above applies. So well in advance plan for your lower rate of TDS deduction certificate, otherwise buyer will deduct higher rate TDS. Unnecessary your tax deducted at higher rate you go for income tax refund, which is tricky situation.

Simply fill form we will arrange your lower rate TDS certificate from Income tax department.


Scanned copies of Documents

  • Seller PAN, Address proof, Photo
  • Buyer PAN, TAN
  • Agreement to sell
  • Sale deed of property, actually brought.
  • Evidence of payment made for buying property, prefer bank statement highlighted payments.
  • Your OCI passport for last four years, showing date of arrival, departure in/ from India. Nos. of days actually stayed in India.
  • Mail us at India@globaltaxation.in